Lacrosse The Pond Testimonial

Lacrosse The Pond Testimonial

Lacrosse The Pond is your ticket to exploring the world, while gaining a masters degree at one of the United Kingdom’s premier Universities as part of their Lacrosse team. Build your resume, play lacrosse, see the world. Today a former participant, Richard Parsons, shares a testimonial from his experience abroad.

My Lacrosse the Pond experience thus far has been a blast, and I have been kindly asked by the LTP executive team to share with the world some of the great stories I have had over here in the United Kingdom. I furthermore have been told I can share my stories in a liberal manner. Being that I do not want to tarnish the integrity and reputation of such a great organization I will leave some details out of my story, leaving the rest to your imagination!

My typical Saturday starts off with me waking up at either 8:30 A.M. or 10:00 A.M. depending if my game is home or away. Any minute before or after those times will ruin my routine. After I wake up I go to get my delicious bacon, egg, and ketchup sandwich along with a large cup of tea with one sugar. Starting the day off with a solid breakfast is vital for before a game, class, or any other endeavor you encounter in life.

Then I go to my mate’s house, and drive to the field. The games are always fun, but what is even better comes after at our sponsored pub called “The Nottingham”. There we place our votes for Man of the Match, Bag of the Match, and Goon of the Match. The definitions are as follows:

1. Man of the Match: Most Valuable Player
2. Bag of the Match: The one who complained the most and yelled at everybody all the time (this usually goes to the captain)
3. Goon of the Match: The one who made an extremely stupid play.

There are punishments for all three (yeah even Man of the Match), which, is that every winner has to chug a Guinness. A Guinness is a very nice heavy beer that goes along well with a meal, but when being chugged, it literally tastes like all the wounded soldiers (left over beers) together at a house party. So, if you really don’t want to do this don’t play the best, don’t complain, and don’t mess up the most. (If you really would rather not chug the Guinness, don’t worry, I am with great guys who wouldn’t make you do anything you are not comfortable with) The Goon in addition has to wash all the uniforms by next game; failure to do so will lead to another three Guinness’s. The Bag has to carry around a women’s bag through out the whole session at the Nottingham.

Basically if you like to go out, play lacrosse, and experience another culture this is for you! The way I see it, if I was back home in the states I would either be mooching off my parents and trying to get a job. By doing this I have more stories I can tell my grand kids, I get to travel, meet new people, all while building my resume. It truly has been a great time!

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