Lacrosse Playground Training Tips

Lacrosse Playground Training Tips

Lacrosse Playground is pleased to announce our partnership with Go Pro Workouts; a new sports fitness company that is revolutionizing the way athletes train for sports. Their 8-week sport-specific strength and conditioning programs are custom designed and tested by some of today’s most dynamic pro athletes and tailored to mirror their real off-season training regimens.

Go Pro Workouts has partnered with Major League Lacrosse all-stars; Kyle Hartzell and Brendan Mundorf along with current US Woman’s National team member Sarah Albrecht and will be providing their training tips, lacrosse experience and insight to Lacrosse Playground on a regular basis. So if you’ve ever wanted to train like an MLL All-Star now is your chance. Check them out at

Tip 1
Core strength is essential to lacrosse athletes. Building a strong core through proper excise will help prevent injury on the field and allow you to train more efficiently in the gym. Kyle Hartzell’s Go Pro Workout incorporates exercises that will help you build a rock solid core. Try adding Kyle’s Modified Windshield Wipers into your training regime.

Lie on the ground with your arms extended (lockout position for bench press) holding an Olympic bar. Place 25-45 lb plate on each end, USE COLLARS. Raise your legs off the floor so the soles of your shoes are parallel to the ceiling. Attempt to keep your legs as straight as possible and rotate them side to side (while stabilizing the weight on the bar). Try two sets of 10 with a weight that you can control.

Do you want to train like an MLL All-Star Defenseman? Check out ( today to get MLL All-Star Defender Kyle Hartzell’s real 8-week fitness training program. Be sure to use Lacrosse Playground’s promotion code LXPRLP1 to receive a 33% discount off Kyle’s program.

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