Lacrosse Mustache Madness Week 1 Fundraising Report

Holmes, PA – Staches and donations are growing nationwide in support of Lacrosse Mustache Madness.  Thus far, over $15,000 has been raised and over 5 weeks still remaining in the fundraising compietition.  LMM organizers Ken Clausen, Rebecca Vozzo and Pat Colleluori are extremely pleased with the amount of teams kicking their stache fundraising into high gear.  Thus far over 37 teams are actively participating and many more are assembling.  Registration is free and open during the entire campaign, giving everyone an opportunity  to get involved at any time.  Register or contribute today at

Week 1 – Stache of the Week Winner

Bob Miller of the Harrisburg Lipwarmers


Week 1 – Most Fundraisers Registered

SUNY Potsdam Bears Lacrosse - 23


Week 1 - Top Fundraisers

Ben Kaminow $2,175.00
Richard Moses $1,019.00
John Caputo $708.17
Corey McLaughlin $700.00
Graham & John Driscoll $575.00
Michael Sportini $500.00
Bob Miller $450.00
Sam Bonafede $445.00
Atlee Lacrosse $400.00
Jake Froccaro $350.00


Week 1 - Top Fundraising Teams

Friends of Syracuse Lacrosse $2,355.00
Friends of Princeton Lacrosse $2,308.17
Friends of Harvard Lacrosse $1,621.00
HEADstrong Atlanta $1,275.00
Headstrong Lax Texas $1,219.00
Friends of Binghamton Lacrosse $830.00
Fordham Club Lacrosse $760.00
Harrisburg Lacrosse Lip Warmers $750.00
No Team $605.00
Laxworm $500.00


With Halloween just a few days away this is the perfect time to get growing.  Aside from helping the cause, growers are competing for some incredible prizes including a 50cc Malibu Scooter, Warrior Regulator Helmets, Go Pro Cameras, Warrior HF Burn Gloves, Warrior Coxswain Shoes, HEADstrong Gift Cards and plenty of Stache gear up for grabs this year the campaign is shaping up to be the best year yet.


Lacrosse Mustache Madness is an interactive, online driven fundraiser encouraging lacrosse teams and players to either grow or draw on mustaches of any imaginable shape or size and use them to raise money for the cause.  Players can grow together or support a coach growing a mustache.  For coaches that already have a mustache, this is your chance to use it for the greater good.

Getting involved is simple.  Follow these 4 Steps To Stache.

1)  Setup your Fundraising Page and Get Growing.

2)  Use Emails and Social Media To Communicate Your Efforts

3)  Imbed Your Custom Link in Posts and Ask For Pledges

4)  Keep Posting Pictures To Show Your Stache and Fundraising Growth


Leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, grow, raise funds and follow Ken Clausen as he chronicles the madness with emails, blogs and videos.  You can follow the Stache Madness on Inside Lacrosse, Lacrosse Allstars , Lacrosse Playground and


Follow the Madness socially:

Facebook at

Twitter at @LaxStache

Instagram @LaxStacheMadness

Use #LaxStache for all posts


LMM™ sponsors Warrior, Brine, Lacrosse Unlimited and MakeMe will also be engaging participants with social media contests and challenges throughout the campaign.
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