Lacrosse Highlights from 3D Select New England U19 Team

Lacrosse Highlights from 3D Select New England U19 Team


This 3d select New England team was formed from various schools in the New England area along with one player from Canada. Currently, there are 10 Division 1 verbal commitments. Almost all of the uncommitted players you see have received numerous college opportunities at the D1 level. This is a 2013 and 2014 mixed team coached by David Jenkins (former UVA stud!) and John Pirie. The highlights are from the FLG in 3D Tournament at the Archbishop Spalding School in Maryland. Please note, these were only 27 minute games due to bad weather. Most of the players from this team participated in the all-star game as well. Visit the website to find out more about 3d Lacrosse.


Alex Perreault- Johns Hopkins
Drew Pirie- Johns Hopkins
Jeff Kratky- Virginia
Scott- Hopper- Virginia
Will Sipperly- Virginia
Cooper Fersen- Virginia
Larken Kemp- Brown
Jackson Szurley- Uncommitted
Taylor Hahn- Uncommitted
Alex Stanko- Uncommitted
Brandon Bowman- Air Force Academy
Matt Giampetroni - Duke
Max King- Uncommitted
Caleb Kane- Uncommitted
Stephen Fehnel-Colby
Alex Osgood- Uncommitted
William Young- Uncommitted
Liam Brine- Uncommitted
Stefan Soucy- Uncommitted
Forrest Corcoran- Uncommitted
Ryan Callaghan- Detroit
Charlie Pasciucco- Colorado College
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