Lacrosse Game Enthusiast Launches New Website to Feature Brand Name Lacrosse Gear for Men and Women

The webmaster on the new website today announced the site is live and online. The website was designed and developed by a long-time enthusiast named Steven Wiebe. The site provides helpful and informative articles and guides and features the top five women’s lacrosse sticks, the top five goalie sticks and the top five lacrosse heads. is extremely easy to navigate so players can find what they’re looking for quickly. Mr. Wiebe said, “I’ve visited a lot of lacrosse head websites and it’s very hard to find stuff on a lot of them. When I designed the navigation was one of the first things I worked on because people want to find the information they need and be ‘in-and-out’ in a few minutes.”

Mr. Wiebe went on to discuss the vision for the website which is for it to be a one-stop-shop for players who are as passionate about the game as he and his friends are. Players who are looking for a review of a lacrosse goalie stick or head will quickly find articles and reviews so they can easily determine which product will best suit their needs and budget.

“I just want to say I love your website. I started playing lacrosse last year so I’m still new to the game. I wanted to find the best goalie stick at a reasonable price and I found your ‘top 5’ article very detailed and well-written. I decided to go with the Warrior Void goalie stick which was actually number 5 on your list! Keep up the work.” - Thomas Perry

The top five women’s lacrosse sticks that are featured on the website begin with the STX X3 which is considered one of the leaders in innovation when it comes to women’s lacrosse equipment. The stick in the number two slot is the Brine Quantum Superlight which is considered perfect for women because of the light weight and natural feel of the product.

Number three is the deBeer Fierce lacrosse stick which features the patented Gripper Pro pocket that allows for improved ball control and pocket shape. Number four is the Nike Nina which is considered one of the major forerunners when it comes to highly advanced sportswear and sports equipment.

Finally, number five is the Reebok AirVynity w/ 7k Krizlyte Pro. Mr. Wiebe said, “We decided to list the Reebok AirVynity simply because the company actively participates in the lacrosse industry by providing state-of-the-art equipment suitable not only for men, but also for women.

About is dedicated to offering the highest quality lacrosse heads and related lacrosse gear online at the lowest prices. The company also features lacrosse head and lacrosse gear reviews and comparisons which allow consumers to make an informed decision while they’re performing research. For more information visit
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