Lacrosse Fight Breaks Out at Knighthawks Training Camp

Lacrosse Fight Breaks Out at Knighthawks Training Camp

Josh Ruys, who stands at 6'3" 245lbs., and Scott Rouse came to blows at their own training camp for the upcoming NLL season. Yes, two teammates fought each other and the team is promoting it. Does anyone see a problem with this? It is Canada after all. Maybe in-house fights should be allowed for the NFL. That way, everyone on the Philly Eagles could take their anger out on DeSean Jackson.

By the way, the Knighthawks signed an Anti-Bullying pledge seven days ago. More lacrosse fights.


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[…] Ryder Owens, the fake “BRO” blogger over on LPG, recently wrote a post about a “fight” at the Rochester Knighthawks Training Camp, and […]

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Chris Fox

ROCHESTER Knighthawks is Canada….right. You are an idiot.


Once again Bradley Ryder Owens doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Since when is Rochester in Canada? And has this guy even seen box lacrosse? Fights happen. He’s really bringing this site down. Seriously who hired this guy?


like if you think B.R.O is a douche bag


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