Lacrosse Equipment Exchange for European Players

My good friend in Germany asked for my help in promoting Facebook pages specific to equipment exchange. In Europe, equipment is very hard to come by, especially inexpensive equipment. The best solution was to create a landing page for lacrosse enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade easily. A Facebook page may seem trivial to us in the States, but Facebook is proving to be a common ground for European lacrosse players. More details below:

Maximilian von Düring, Jakob Gillmann and Marius Greb of Zeppelin Lacrosse Friedrichshafen ( ) launched a Facebook group called Lacrosse Equipment Exchange. The idea came up because lacrosse equipment in Europe is very expensive. The group makes it possible for rookies to ask for used equipment. They can buy cheap stuff. And on the other hand retiring players can sell or give away their used equipment. Many players also ask lacrosse equipment related questions and get information about the newest gear. It helps the sport grow especially in countries where you do not have Lacrosse online shops. Members also trade team gear or lacrosse sports wear.

Currently there are two Facebook groups. One for the European market and one for the US market.

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