Lacrosse Dodge Now Available For Mobile Purchase

Lacrosse Dodge Now Available For Mobile Purchase

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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, February 26, 2013 - Crosse Studios announced today the worldwide release of Lacrosse Dodge. The highly anticipated release of Lacrosse Dodge for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices is finally here for your unparalleled gaming pleasure. Lacrosse Dodge delivers true-to-life lacrosse dodging and shooting gameplay with the added twist of mach speed turbo bursts and obstacle fields not found in any other sports video game.

“The College Lacrosse franchise for Xbox 360 has been recognized as one of the top indie sports games in realism, gameplay and graphics. We’re now bringing all of these elements to the iPhone, iPad and Android,” said Carlo Sunseri, Founder of Crosse Studios and Assistant Coach at Robert Morris University. “What really makes Lacrosse Dodge great is that both diehard lacrosse players and people who have never picked up a stick love it and keep coming back for more.”

Lacrosse Dodge features precision tilt gameplay enabling the user to avoid defenseman and obstacles with a gentle lean of the mobile device. As the game progresses, the user picks up speed and encounters increasing numbers of defenseman and obstacles which may require swipe play roll dodging to avoid being knocked down. Players rack up points by collecting coins and sniping goals. Notably, online leaderboards instantly track high scores worldwide. The game also features social media integration allowing all gamers to share their high scores through Facebook and Twitter.

“Social media integration has been a priority for a long time,” said Sunseri, whose lacrosse Facebook page sets the industry benchmark with over 230,000 lacrosse fans. “I’m thrilled about the potential reach we have with Lacrosse Dodge.”

Crosse Studios continues to push the game of lacrosse to hundreds of thousands around the world with their video games. “One of our most important initiatives is to grow the game and continually expose new individuals to the sport,” said Kirk Klett, Vice President of Crosse Studios and former captain at Bucknell University. “We have been very fortunate to have received the overwhelming support of the Lacrosse community, both at the corporate sponsorship level and grassroots level.” Lacrosse Dodge is only the latest of what Crosse Studios will bring to the Lacrosse community.

Dustin Dohm, Director of Sales & Marketing, said “In my 10 plus years of marketing and business development in the lacrosse industry, I have only seen a handful of projects that truly have the potential to shape the industry. Lacrosse Dodge is that progressive for the future of brand awareness for our partners and I think the numbers will speak for themselves.”

Lacrosse Dodge is available for only $1.99 through the Apple App Store, Amazon Store and Google Play.

Download Links: iTunes - | Android -

Lacrosse Dodge Partners
Gait Lacrosse, Jimalax, Stylin’ Strings, Epoch Lacrosse, Lacrosse Playground, Lacrosse All Stars, The Lacrosse Network, Maximum Lacrosse Camps, Ninja Lax and East Coast Mesh.

Lacrosse Dodge Music
Nonstop to Cairo (

About Crosse Studios
Carlo Sunseri owns and operates Crosse Studios. Mr. Sunseri has extensive experience as a lacrosse player, coach, and instructor. He founded Crosse Studios in 2009 and developed the industry’s first field lacrosse video game. Through Crosse Studios, Mr. Sunseri also produced NLL Lacrosse 2010 and 2011, two indoor professional lacrosse games fully sponsored by the National Lacrosse League. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Management from Robert Morris University and currently is an Assistant Coach for their Division I lacrosse program.

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