Lacrosse Comes Full Circle For Benny Marchant

Lacrosse Comes Full Circle For Benny Marchant

If you are a true fan of lacrosse, then the name Marchant should ring a bell. Today, I'm not talking about the Four Time All-American from Johns Hopkins, Milford Marchant, but his musically inclined brother Benny. Benny, who played at Washington College, set sail on a journey never thinking he would return back to the sport he grew up on along the Severn River.

After winning a Division III national championship in 1998 he pursued his real passion, music. He toured around in bands and even founded a band with drummer Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam), culminating in a tour with Candlebox in 2008. He's been all over and now he returns to his roots with his newest single "Back To Life" which was chosen to appear in the feature film "Crooked Arrows", starring Brandon Routh. After all, it is only fitting that a lacrosse player is involved with the music of the first lacrosse movie. View the video for the song below.

For more information on Benny Marchant visit or follow him on Twitter. "Crooked Arrows" is now in theaters nationwide.

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