Lacrosse All-Star Max Seibald Takes On Big City Classic April 1

Allendale, NJ (March 2012) – Long Island Lizards and Philadelphia Wings powerful midfielder Max Seibald will be attending one of lacrosse’s biggest events of the season, the Konica Minolta Big City Classic on Sunday on April 1, 2012. Seibald, a four-time US Intercollegiate Association (USILA) All-American graduate from Cornell University, will join more than 25,000 fans expected to watch the competition at the MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ.

At just 24 years old, Seibald has become one of lacrosse’s most recognizable and respected professional athletes. Supporting the highly-anticipated event with Seibald is New Jersey-based nutritional supplements company, GI Nutrition, the creator of all-natural, NSF Certified For Sport products such as Ideal Whey, Ideal Pump, and Ideal Recovery. GI Nutrition is set to put up a booth with Seibald to take photos, distribute prizes and sign autographs for lacrosse fans during the sporting event. “I am excited to be a part of the Big City Classic,” says Seibald. “I want to share with fans and future lacrosse pros my experience using GI Nutrition products as part of my training regimen. I have been using Ideal Whey for a year now, and not only do I love the taste but I feel the difference in my performance, in the weight room, and on the field.”

GI Nutrition’s unique formulations undergo a series of rigorous tests making them NSF Certified for Sport. All products conform to the high standards of competition regulations by proving to be free of any adulteration, contaminants, or banned substances. “It is our mission to provide safe, reliable products that have been tested for their integrity and quality. We don’t just want to say our products are safe, we want to know it,” Chris Karsos, president of GI Nutrition explains. Only a handful of other nutritional supplements can claim to have gone through testing as stringent as that of NSF Certified for Sport Certification Program.

The Big City Classic is one of the most anticipated college events of the year among lacrosse athletes and fans. Rival teams go head-to-head, competing in an exciting tripleheader with elite college lacrosse teams from Syracuse, Duke, Notre Dame, St. Johns, John Hopkins, and North Carolina.

“We are proud to be a part of the Big City Classic and to have Max join us in this sporting endeavor,” says Karsos. “We look forward to sharing our line of nutrition-based, all-natural, and NSF Certified for Sport products with participating athletes, coaches, and fans.”

About GI Nutrition
GI Nutrition is a fast-growing health and nutrition company that develops and manufactures NSF certified for sport nutritional supplements used by professional and non-professional athletes for the purposes of athletic training and improved conditioning.

GI Nutrition currently has four custom-formulated products: Ideal Pump (pre-workout), Ideal Recovery (post-workout amino acid blend), Ideal Whey (all natural whey protein), and Focus Food (all natural energy-packed protein bar). The entire GI Nutrition product line is 100% free of any banned substances and can be utilized by any athlete to improve their athletic performance. GI Nutrition products are sold in leading performance stores across the country and on its website at
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