Ken Clausen's Week 1 Blog for Mustache Madness, Top 5 Mustaches of the Week

Ken Clausen's Week 1 Blog for Mustache Madness, Top 5 Mustaches of the Week

Denver Outlaw and Warrior sponsored athlete Ken Clausen is a huge supporter of Mustache Madness. We have his Week 1 Blog, in which he divulges his Top 5 Mustaches of the Week.

After just 1 week, our measly mustaches have drawn in over 68 teams consisting of over 200 participants, and have raised over $16,000 for the HEADstrong Foundation!!! Great work!! Now keep one thing in mind, REGISTRATION IS ALWAYS OPEN. Please keep spreading the word and getting friends, family, and dare I say competitors to participate (‘Cuse is winning! Come on UVA!).

So, being that we just finished Week 1 of LMM, I will choose our Top 5 Mustaches of the Week! I know that many of you murmuring about how you can’t have a respectable stache after a week, but I beg to differ! Our winners are not based on how “Selleck” your stache is since it would be nearly impossible for any of us to match the integrity of Selleck’s mustache masterpiece. Rather our weekly winners are chosen based off of their style, creativeness, and willingness to Flash The Stache!

Without further ado and in no particular order, our Week 1 Awards for Top 5 Mustaches of the Week are:

1. Agent O’s Super Stache. This stache is reminiscent of the late great Captain Morgan. Argghhhhhh Matey nice Mustache!

2. Erick Perez of Sacred Heart. A Wildman with a finger stache and a fohawk.

3. Bowmen Stache. As I mentioned, we reward creativity and this took the cake this week!

4. Andrew Paulus of West Liberty. How can you deny such a foreboding Fu Manchu?

5. Julian from Penn State. Some shading on the upper lip after 1 week, starting to get some looks, starting to get the ladies!

Congratulations to all of our Week 1 Top 5 Mustaches award winners! For those of you that want to be eligible for next weeks top 5 Mustache pics, submit your photos online via our “Flash the Stache” button on the right side of our home page.

Great work so far everyone. With that being said, we still have a lot of work to do to get to our goal of $100,000. Keep spreading the word and Flash the Stache!

Mustachio Master and Commander

Ken Clausen

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