Join The American Revolution As They Head To England, Denmark

Join The American Revolution As They Head To England, Denmark

Are you looking for a life changing lacrosse experience in Europe or Thailand this August? The American Revolution heads to England and Denmark August 4-15 where we’ll be scrimmaging English club teams before defending our title in the Copenhagen Cup. Then, a fresh roster will head to Bangkok August 17-24 to play against Asian national teams.

The Revolution is pleased to announce their April Showers discount for players who join the Revolution with three teammates this month. Our traditional discount allows players to receive a $100 discount per playerthey recruit. Now, we’re rewarding all four players involved so future membersof the Revolution will only have to pay $3600 instead of the current price of $4000. We will still honor the $100 per player discount beyond the three teammates you recruit regardless of trip. Tell friends to sign up for Europe or Thailand and save. Help us, help you!

Players receive a helmet and gloves from Warrior as well as a reversible, shooting shirt, shorts, and a hoodie from Zima Gear (Europe) or Enigma (Thailand.) Additionally, we’ll be shooting a documentary of each trip and each player will receive a DVD to relive the trip long after it ends. Both teams are lead by University of Washington assistant coach Ryan Trude and Indiana University head coach Peter Tumbas.

Current high school players through college athletes can signup online today. It’s the lacrosse experience of a lifetime.

American Revolution Promo Video from 412 LAX on Vimeo.

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