Introduction to CroART Lacrosse

CroART Lacrosse is one of the Premier Summer Lacrosse League for the Greater Boston area. From its meager beginnings of 6 teams in 2001, the league has blossomed into 8 competitive divisions with over 50 teams participating. Players of all skill levels participate in the league; from former professional players of the MLL and NLL to NCAA DI, DII, DIII JUCO and MCLA ranks; there is no shortage of quality lacrosse players. Games and events are held across Massachusetts and attract more than 2,000

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My name is Alex Pitocchelli, I am 20 year old student in Public Relations and Marketing at
Salem State University. Mainly though, I am a lacrosse player through and through. I started
freshman year of high school at Marlborough High School. I made varsity as a junior and was
name captain senior year. I was the third captain in school history, and led the Panthers to our
second playoff appearance in school history. I played a year as a defensive midfield at Salem
State University and now play in tournaments and leagues for club teams. Currently I am
media intern for CroART Lacrosse. You can reach me at or on twitter
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where do i sign up for those bad boys

Zach Thomas

holy jesus look at those puppies.


Are those ladies the cheerleaders or trainers?!


Are those ladies the cheerleaders or trainers?!




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