Introducing Social News & Commentary Hub Dedicated To College Lacrosse

NEW YORK, NY – Lacrosse All Stars announced today the official launch of, a new online social hub for college lacrosse fans. The site provides access to unique commentary, aggregated news, and multimedia revolving around the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association – the fastest growing college lacrosse league in America.

The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association, known as the MCLA, is a national organization of non-NCAA, college lacrosse programs. It currently operates in the United States and Canada with 213 teams in two divisions across ten conferences.

According to Ryan Craven, co-founder of Lacrosse All Stars, “Our goal is to enable fans, players, coaches and alumni to connect and help support the growth of college lacrosse. The community aspect of MCLA Fan is innovative, and we’re excited to see how fans and players react.”

Jeff Brunelle, also a co-founder, elaborated saying, “Each year the MCLA reaches new heights. The league has become an integral part of growing the game in non-traditional areas, and we're honored to deliver this online community hub. We hope fans find it to be a great resource for monitoring the pulse of the college game.” was developed with both the fan and team administrator in mind. Current features include a fan forum, team pages, score updates and aggregated news from multiple sources across the web. Team-centric features are planned for future iterations, including easy implementation of player blogs, photo galleries and alumni groups. Upon logging in with Facebook Connect, new users are prompted to state their team allegiance and their status as a fan, player, coach or alumni.
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[…] Introducing Social News & Commentary Hub Dedicated To College Lacrosse […]

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