Introducing Jovan Miller

Jovan Miller from Syracuse University has become a blogger for LPG. In this blog Jovan talks about everything that comes with being a lacrosse player and a student at one of the most renown programs in history. Find out what it takes in his own words.

Jovan Miller, SU midfielder #23 checking in.

For every kid that may read this, first, I want to say thanks for taking the time, and second, I hope you take heed of these words. Playing Lax in college is probably one of the single most intriguing things that I've had the opportunity to do in my life. As an eighth grader watching the game, I used to watch some of the legends that went through Syracuse and I marvelled at the talent that these guys had.

I saw the impact that they were making on kids like myself all around the country, and I thought that must be the greatest feeling in the world. I can finally say that for myself and I can say I'm living a dream and I hope I don't wake up.

The most important things I have taken away from my first 2 years at The Cuse' is that lacrosse is a job. Everyday you wake up a little more tired than the day before, and you wonder what obstacles you are going to have to overcome on that particular day. The school work is tough and if you don't go to class, you're not going to be happy at the end of the semester, trust me on that one. Your payoff is being on the national stage playing teams like Hopkins and Virginia and every eye is on you.

You forget about all the 6 o'clock lifts and the brutal conditioning you have to go through to get there. The name "Syracuse" itself has its own weight to it. This is a place you come to if you want to prove that you're great. You hear about all the legends that have came through this program and you want your name to be mentioned in the same breath.

I don't know if that's what will happen when my career is done, but I know that it has helped me acknowledge what I can do for the sport. I want to be a teacher just because of the appreciation I get, particularly by the kids I have coached at Lax camps or those who have asked for an autograph after a game. I hope you guys enjoyed my first blog with and hopefully this won't be the last time you hear from me.

Don't worry. This isn't the last time you'll hear from Jovan. Look for more posts from him throughout the rest of the season as the race to Memorial Day heats up.
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Def my favorite lax player. Keep up your hard work and tite swag!


Jovan Miller = my favorite D1 player…no question


“Don’t worry. This is the last time you’ll hear from Jovan.”

Poor Jovan, I enjoyed his blog.


Bob, don’t worry, Jovan will be dropping a line here at the Playground quite frequently.

WP Maintainer

Jovan Miller is my fav. lax player out there be_side john chrismas but me and him got mad in common.

Rob Madgum dplax8

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