International Lacrosse Superstar Joins Team at EFX

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (November 23, 2010) - Recently named the 2010 Federation of International Lacrosse World Games MVP, the World's Top Midfielder and the 2009 Major League Lacrosse MVP and offensive player of the year, Paul Rabil's career has been brimming with record breaking performances. One of the most recognizable athletes in professional lacrosse, Rabil is always seeking ways to improve his game.

In pursuit of gaining an edge on his competition, Rabil recently announced that he would be joining the team at EFX Performance; a leader in holographic performance technology around the world. Rabil, who now wears his EFX bracelet every time he plays, has seen a positive impact in his endurance and recovery time since utilizing the technology.

"I kept seeing these things on my teammates and opponents," said Rabil. "I figured I'd give them a go and I've felt a noticeable difference in my performance."

EFX Performance, an official partner of Major League Lacrosse, has seen dramatic growth in the professional sports arena with athletes from all walks of life utilizing EFX technology to gain an edge.

"Being so closely tied to professional lacrosse, has given us an opportunity to follow Paul's career for some time," said Jim Ruschman, President of EFX Performance Inc. "We're eager to contribute to the success of such a stellar athlete."

EFX Performance, Inc., a private California corporation, based In Mission Viejo, California, manufactures, distributes and licenses holographic performance technology around the world. EFX was founded in 2009 with the goal of promoting its products in the wellness and athletic performance markets. EFX constantly strives to be the leader in the performance technology industry while providing the absolute best products possible with an emphasis on research and development. EFX products are worn and endorsed by many of the world's leading athletes and are Official Partners of Major League Lacrosse. (
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