Indiana Lacrosse Uniforms Are Gorgeous

Indiana Lacrosse Uniforms Are Gorgeous

Indiana University is off to their best start in recent history and they are doing it in style. We first introduced you to their Warrior Matte TII Helmets, now you are getting a look at their away uniforms. The jerseys are unlike any other we've seen mainly because of the striped sleeves and solid Crimson torso. The horizontal stripes on the sleeves and the vertical stripe on the helmet compliment each other very well. Elevation made the unis. This is just my opinion. What do you think?

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Robert Morris approached Indiana to look for some competition and just a game to play in general. How about you know what you are talking about before you start hating.


i will bet the house that they didnt play robert morris you idiot

hey moron

Hey Moron, check their schedule. They played Robert Morris IL. They are a first year team and they don’t belong on IU’s schedule. But IU counts it as a win and a momentum builder. So do five seconds of research before you post.


Where’s Waldo? Lol not my cup o’ tea.


[…] have been placed upon the Warrior TII’s at midseason completing the final touch to their uniform. The logo is a Gold torch surrounded by an outer circle of thirteen stars, an inner semi circle of […]

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