Hyperice Launches High Performance Recovery Devices For Sporting Goods, Medical and Institutional Channels

Hyperice Launches High Performance Recovery Devices For Sporting Goods, Medical and Institutional Channels

Hyperice announced today the official release of its ice compression technology, which is the first of many recovery product launches. The signature ice compression product line is a revolutionary two-part system, which harnesses the power of real ice and the anti-inflammatory properties of compression to provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance.

Developed with some of the world’s top professional athletes, and clinically tested by leading medical professionals, Hyperice brings together a cutting edge design with the benefits of cryotherapy and compression, enabling both the reduction of swelling and the healing of tissues.

Hyperice’s patented system is composed of two elements, that when combined, provide optimal injury prevention and recovery:

-    An antimicrobial ultra-thin Ice Cell which immediately transfers the cold component of the ice to the zone being treated. An Air-Release Valve on the Ice Cell cap removes air pockets, delivering precise and uniform icing.

-    An adjustable, specially designed compression wrap that increases the cold’s penetration in the tissues, providing comfort and mobility.

“After extensive research and development in collaboration with some of the world's best athletes and sports medicine professionals, Hyperice is proud to launch our first product line into the greater market,” said Hyperice founder Anthony Katz. “We worked hard to perfect the product to meet the specifications and standards of high performance athletes across the globe. The result is a world class product line that provides optimal tools for injury prevention and athletic recovery to the masses.”

Hyperice is launching into the sporting goods, medical and institutional channels of distribution under the direction of Vice President of Sales, Tracy Sheffer, and her rapidly expanding global team of sales representatives and distributors. Hyperice is committed to revolutionizing the world of athletic recovery, and will be releasing additional state-of-the-art recovery technology products throughout the year.
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