How can you watch the PLL in 2021? Peacock TV, that's how

How can you watch the PLL in 2021? Peacock TV, that's how

Step aside Michael Scott, there's a new reason to subscribe to NBC's new streaming service Peacock TV. On Wednesday, the Premier Lacrosse League confirmed long-standing rumors by announcing that all 43 games of the 2021 PLL season would be broadcast on Peacock TV.

At $4.99 a month ($19.96 over the four-month season or $49.99 per year for annual subscribers ), the move to Peacock TV makes the price to watch every PLL game even cheaper than last season's NBC Sports Gold subscription. The streaming service replaces NBC Sports Gold, the subscription-based service the league used for it's non network-televised games during its first two seasons. In addition to access to every 2021 PLL game, Peacock TV subscriptions will also include access to other live sports like WWE and rugby, as well as popular shows like The Office and Yellowstone.

While the news is great for U.S. viewers, many international fans, particularly those north of the border, were left wondering how they'd be able to watch the upcoming PLL games and their beloved Canada Chaos. Mike Rabil quickly squashed those fears, hinting that a streaming option for international fans, similar to the NBC Sports Gold subscription in 2020, will be available this summer.

Those who still aren't sold on signing up for a Peacock TV subscription will still be able to catch 20 of this year's PLL games on TV on either NBC or NBC Sports Network. However, with NBCSN shutting down operations later this year, it is clear that Peacock TV—and streaming as a whole—is poised to become the new way both PLL fans (and sports fans in general) consume live sports.

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What do you think of NBC's decision to make every PLL game available on Peacock TV? Will you be signing up for a subscription?

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