Hong Kong Men’s Lacrosse Team Named for World Championships in Denver

Hong Kong Men’s Lacrosse Team Named for World Championships in Denver

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) has named the 23 players who will represent Hong Kong at the Federation of International Lacrosse World Championships (10 – 19 July).

Following a grueling selection process, the men’s national team was selected from a squad of 70 players.

Head coach Scott Browning said the skill and depth exhibited by the 23-man roster will continue to be built on over the coming months.

“The try-out process began last summer and has been extremely competitive.  Following our Chinese New Year training camp, we finally selected a dedicated group of athletes to represent Hong Kong,” said Browning.

“There was fierce competition for spots on the roster which resulted in some difficult decisions for the coaching staff. I’ve been impressed with the commitment and desire to get better, both in terms of individual skills and as a team. Our roster has a good combination of experienced players and youthful talent.  I’m confident the team will represent Hong Kong with pride and we will see an improved result from previous World Championships.”

The team is now focused on preparing for the Hong Kong Open, an invitational tournament set to be held over the Easter weekend (18 – 21 April).

Louis Hou, executive director of the HKLA, the governing body of lacrosse in Hong Kong, says along with helping mark the HKLA’s 20th anniversary, the Hong Kong Open will be an excellent opportunity for people to watch quality lacrosse.

“We’re excited to be hosting players from Shanghai, South Korea and Singapore in the tournament. As the international lacrosse community continues to prepare for the upcoming World Championships, people can expect to see the passion, dedication and determination it takes to be a lacrosse player live and up close.”

Tournament details – including game times and locations – will be posted on the HKLA website over the coming weeks.

To see the Hong Kong men’s lacrosse team in action, click here. You can also stay on top of Hong Kong’s road to Denver by following updates via the team’s Facebook page andTwitter account.


The 2014 Hong Kong men’s lacrosse team:

  • ·                     Joey Au-Yeung Chun-yu

  • ·                     Theo Chan Tat-chun

  • ·                     Seven Cheng Cheung-wai

  • ·                     Dennis Cheng Chi-fung

  • ·                     Robert Craighead

  • ·                     Eric Fung Kong-yau

  • ·                     Jeffrey Fung Hon-sing

  • ·                     Hui Yau-yuen

  • ·                     Timothy Kwan Che-wa

  • ·                     Samuel Lau

  • ·                     Kenneth Lee

  • ·                     Lee Tsz-kin

  • ·                     Leung Yau-chi

  • ·                     Kelvin Mak Ho-chun

  • ·                     Matthew Silverio

  • ·                     Van Sternbergh

  • ·                     Joseph Wich

  • ·                     Wong Chun-hong

  • ·                     Wong Hang-wai

  • ·                     Gabriel Wong Kin-man

  • ·                     Wilson Wong Wai-kwan

  • ·                     Andy Yip Wai-fung

  • ·                     Yuen Ka-wang

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