Hitch Nation Launches

Hitch Nation Launches

Mikey Adler is a 14-year old who is an avid lacrosse player and surfer. With the help of his friends, they started a social lifestyle network called Hitch Nation. What started as a small group of friends on Facebook has now established a loyal following that crosses state lines. The foundation of Hitch Nation is the lacrosse community, however; it has permeated into all ages, genders and interests.

Hitch Nation officially launched on 11/11/11. It's a portal for Hitch Nation members to communicate and express their passions. Membership entitles Hitch Nation Members to receive special discounts and have access to various opportunities through Hitch Nation Partners. Adler states:

It has been surprising how quickly Hitch Nation has caught on. We recently hired a social network campaign company and our Facebook page has seen rapid growth in the age 14 to 25 year old demographic. Because the foundation of Hitch Nation is the lacrosse community, we feel our growth could be very favorable in the future.

He goes further by discussing the brand's vision.

Part of the vision we see for Hitch Nation will be partnering up with several people to help promote their events and endeavors. We feel strongly that we will be able to open a wider range of participation and exposure through Hitch Nation.

To learn more, check out Hitch Nation on Facebook www.facebook.com/TheHitchNation and their website, www.hitchnation.com.

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i bet these herbs dont know how to do a hitch on the field

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