HeadWrapz Cares: Rebuild Japan Relief Effort T-Shirt

HeadWrapz, a company many of you love, has done a tremendous amount of footwork to ensure the individuals of our community have an opportunity to show our support to our friends over in Japan, and all the individuals affected by this adverse situation. Of course, in many cases, some individuals may be wary of investing money to various charities because they are unsure of how the funds are going to be split up. Well, rest easy, and don’t worry about tossing around in your bed wondering where your money went because HeadWrapz chose two great organizations in AmeriCares and Food for the Hungry. 100 percent of the funds generated from these shirts, and I mean all of the money spent on these shirts, will be specifically earmarked for the relief effort in Japan.

This is your chance to make a difference, and while you can’t be there in person to help the wonderful people of Japan, please know that your valuable contribution can change a life! HeadWrapz is all about lacrosse, and lacrosse is who we are, we are one and united, so let’s make a difference together!

One of the biggest contributors already in this incredible effort has been Gene Wayenberg, the President at Sun Creations Inc. The company is based out of Lawrence, Kansas and specializes in Silk Screening and Embroidery, and once HeadWrapz told Gene of their plans, Gene, without hesitation, offered his time and wanted to print the shirts as a duty to maximize efforts. Talk about going above and beyond! Gene, and specifically, Sun Creations, has a wide expertise in sporting apparel, and has done a tremendous amount of work for local teams, and even NCAA teams. Be sure to give Gene a call to either thank him for his efforts, or to have him work up some of his magic for you. His contact number is 800-350-6246.

For Japan
The shirts themselves will cost 22 dollars within the United States and 32 dollars everywhere else, and that includes shipping. The shirts are not made of cheap quality by any means, so you will be able to wear them for quite a while without having to worry about them wearing out, so clear your mind and know you will be able to show your support for Japan for quite some time! As reported all over the news and many media sites, Japan has over 9,000 reported deaths, and upwards of 13,000 people missing. Millions of people are without homes, water is contaminated, along with food sources, so our efforts as a community, and even outside the community, are crucial. The shirts are pre-shrunk and come in Caroline Blue only, and is a very durable ring spun shirt.

Make sure to head over to the Headwrapz website to get your shirt, and even get on HeadWrapz' Facebook page to get in on some discussions! As always, HeadWrapz, the lacrosse community, the world, and Myself is thinking about Japan and everyone affected by this event. You are in our thoughts, and we pray, and envision and quick recovery for all!

As always, if you want to know anything specific please email me at josh@umgoblue.com or shoot me a message on Twitter @TheRealHag.
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