HEADstrong Foundation Unveils New Recruits Ad Campaign for 2012

HEADstrong Foundation Unveils New Recruits Ad Campaign for 2012

Holmes, PA- The HEADstrong Foundation recently announced the launch of their new ad campaign for 2012. Beginning in January the HEADstrong Foundation will run a series of prints ads to be featured in several sport specific publications. The ad campaign fittingly entitled Meet Our New Recruits will piggyback their 2010 campaign entitled Building A Team of Champions and will feature HEADstrong supporters and lacrosse personalities who have had their lives transformed by blood cancer.

In 2010, the HEADstrong Foundation introduced their Building A Team of Champions ad campaign in an effort to recognize the impact that blood cancer has had on the lacrosse community. The ad featured a panel of lacrosse personalities, patients, coaches, doctors and athletes in support of the HEADstrong Foundation. The ad campaign captivated the lacrosse community and inspired people to get involved with the Philadelphia based non-profit organization and make a difference in their communities.

The 2011 Meet Our New Recruits ad campaign will feature a new cast of HEADstrong team members whose lives have been affected by blood cancer. This year’s lineup includes Jordan Costa, Pat Colleluori Sr., Coach Tom Gravante, Bill McGlone, Terry Foy, Justin Veratti, Meagan DiCave, Rachel Colleluori, Joe Clifford, Mike Francia, Lauren Wray and Dr. Eli Glatstein. The ad was shot at the foundation’s new HEADquarters located in Holmes, PA.

“2011 has been an inspiring year for the HEADstrong Foundation; it was rather fitting to shoot the ad on site at Nick’s House. We look forward to sharing our stories of hope with the lacrosse community in 2012. The Meet Our New Recruits ad makes a powerful statement about the realities of blood cancer. We have found that many people within the game have been affected by the disease and this special group we are honored to call teammates.” HEADstrong Foundation president Cheryl Colleluori

Go to www.HEADstrongfoundation.org for more information on the HEADstrong Foundation and to learn how you can join their Team of Champions.
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