HEADstrong Foundation Seeking Web and IT Intern

HEADstrong Foundation Seeking Web and IT Intern

HEADstrong Foundation, a nonprofit organization located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania is seeking a Web & IT Intern for the 2012 summer. This internship is a volunteer position with a commitment of 10 hours per week.

Benefits & Opportunities:
• Gain hands-on experience programming frontend technologies for a global website
• Experience working at a nonprofit organization
• Collaboration within a positive team environment
• Networking with other nonprofit professionals
• For students, class credit can be arranged according to school requirements
• Resume builder

• Website Maintenance
• Ecommerce Maintenance
• Collaborate with our development team to deliver with quality and efficiency

• Knowledge, IT Major
• An eye for clean, elegant frontend design and UI
• Commitment to usability and user experience
• Strong communication and collaboration skills
• Proactive, team player able to work adeptly in a fast-paced environment
• Passion for frontend programming of internet websites
• Interest in nonprofit work, philanthropy
• Believes in the mission and vision of HEADstrong Foundation

To Apply:
Please email your resume and cover letter to Michael Colleuori: Michael@HEADstrongFoundation.org

About HEADstrong Foundation:
The HEADstrong Foundation was started in 2005, when Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, an aggressive type of blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system. During his relentless 14 month battle with this disease, undergoing intense chemotherapy, radiation, a stem cell transplant and experimental treatments, Nick was determined to start a foundation that would support the blood cancer community. He created the name HEADstrong through his childhood nickname “HEAD” and the word “strong” defining his mental and physical toughness. Despite his deteriorating health, Nick spent many hours working on his laptop learning about non-profit organizations and creating word documents of what he envisioned. Days before his passing, Nick’s energy for others was communicated to his family and he made them promise that they would see his vision come to reality. Although, on November 28th, 2006 Nick ultimately lost his life to lymphoma, he established the framework for the HEADstrong Foundation and has impacted the lives of thousands of people. The HEADstrong Foundation for blood cancer is committed to finding a cure for all blood cancers. The foundation is dedicated to its founder Nicholas Colleluori. The foundation strives on Nick’s quote, “Making use of the time you have and don’t stress the little things. Have a smile and enjoy what you can get out of life.”
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