Harlem Receives the Gift of Lacrosse

The Holidays is a great reminder to give back. This year, the legendary Bob Turco gave back to the sport that has given him so much. The Future Leaders Institute Charter School in Harlem has been blessed to receive his coaching. Take a look and think about how you can give back.

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I believe Art was speaking about the first Middle School Lacrosse Program. It is true that Lacrosse is not totally new to Harlem, but it is a major step bringing it to students at a level before they move on to high school.


No disrespect to Bob Turco,as he has done amazing things for the game, but Citylax founded the first team in Harlem in 2005 at AP Randolph HS,followed by Frederick Douglass Academy, Herbert Lehman, Christopher Columbus, Long Island City, behind the hard work of Mat Levine and Armando Taddei, along with many volunteers, including Turco himself. All the schools listed above play at the varsity level as part of the PSAL in NYC. Citylax brought the sport to Harlem and the Bronx before anyone. Art Mcfarland should check his facts. Go to www.citylax.org for more info.

Ben Kaminow

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