GUARDIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP First Ever Championship Style Goalie Combine

GUARDIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP First Ever Championship Style Goalie Combine

NEW YORK — December 16, 2013 -- Goal Guardian National LLC is proud to announce their inaugural event, the Guardian National Championship. The Guardian National Championship is a "championship style" goalie combine. The best of the best, both domestically and internationally, are invited to compete against each other for the chance to be crowned the Guardian of their age group.

Goaltenders are not just another position on the field. Their skills and responsibilities are in fact, a specialization. Their education and evaluation should be comprehensive, and done by experts in the given field.The selections for this prestigious event are made by a world class selection board, where every member has coaching and/or playing experience at the professional or international level.

The GGN Selection Board members include:1. Feffie Barnhill - US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Current FIL Vice President, Asst. Coach Team USA '89

2. Geoff Berlin - US Lacrosse Man of the Year in 1999, Hopkins ALL TIME team, National Champion '68

3. Larry Fila - 94-95 Baltimore Thunder, 2013, Director of Operations, Baltimore Bombers

4. Hunter Francis -Dir. of Operations, Baltimore Bayhawks 01-06, Owner/GM, Baltimore Bombers 2013

5. Ted Glynn - Dir of Operations / GM Hershey Haymakers 2011, GM /Owner Reading Rockets 2012

6. Tim Hastings- HS All American, Towson State Univ. All American, Washington Wave, MILL

7. Frank Meschner - Player - 1980 Team USA Indoor, 2007 Asst. Coach - Team USA Indoor

8. Sean Murphy - Player - Team Ireland Outdoor and Indoor, Asst. Coach - '12-'13 Kentucky Stickhorses

9. Marty ONeill - Player - MILL Boston Blazers, NLL- Buffalo Bandits, GM - Philadelphia Wings / Minnesota Swarm

10. Jon Weston - aka "Goalie Man", author "Lacrosse Goaltending for Coaches" & "Lacrosse Goaltending II"

Currently at 10 members, this board will select the goaltenders for both the Boys and Girls National Championships. The goaltenders will be graded through their questionnaire and game footage (links), sent collectively in the application process. Because of the invitational nature of the event, there cannot be any current NCAA coaches who hold positions on this board due to NCAA regulation.

"I am pleased to be a part of this next step in Lacrosse Goaltending competition and visibility." John Weston, The Goalie Man, GGN Selection Board.

Different from past examination of goalies, the Guardian National Championship places the most significant emphasis on the productivity of the goalie, and not the technique or style. The goaltender is asked to stop the ball, to begin their team's offensive attack, and to be the leader of your defense.

These are the staples of a successful goaltender, and we believe them to be measurable.

"I am very honored and excited to be part of Goal Guardian National." Larry Fila, Baltimore Bombers,GGN Selection Board.

The competition is based on a patent pending "Guardian Method" points competition, which is unlike any other showcase event. The shooters for the National Championship will consist of college level and above. The goaltenders will be evaluated FOR the next level BY the next level.

Guardian National is the vision of professional lacrosse goalie Ginny Capicchioni. Capicchioni is the first woman in North America to sign with a men's professional team, the first woman to play in a men's professional lacrosse game, the first American-born keeper to play in a Canadian Lacrosse National Championship, and the first woman to play for a men's national team in any sport. Some of her teams have included, USA World Team (2011), New Jersey Storm (NLL), Coquitlam Adanacs (WLA), the Kentucky Stickhorses (NALL) and Baltimore Bombers (NALL). Capicchioni also owns the company,  Guardian Lacrosse, which trains male and female goalies in the tri-state area.Ginny Capicchioni has a great vision of how to test today's high school goaltenders and help them with their future playing opportunities. I am very excited to be a part of this new and specialized event. This will provide a competitive atmosphere where goaltenders can be personally challenged. Feffie Barnhill, US Hall of Fame, GGN Selection Board.

Collectively, we expect to improve the efficiency of the goaltender in the sport of lacrosse, provide NCAA opportunities for top level male and female goaltenders, and provide assistance/consultation to NCAA institutions for the most difficult specialty positions - the goalie.For more information visit us or contact us at
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