Goals For Good Uniforms With Video

Goals for Good: Gents against Alzheimers, is getting poppin this saturday night at the Georgetown University field. Here are the jerseys the guys will be sporting. The jerseys are made by Zebra Apparel.

Check out the interview of the event's coordinator, David Meslar, being interviewed by The District Dish girls. They obviously know nothing about lacrosse, but it's worth a look anyway.

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Gotta be playin in the game to get a jersey I suppose.

WP Maintainer

Zebra! Usually known for shorts.



WP Maintainer

its good to see people go simple on uniforms.too many teams try and go crazy but these look awesome.


I don’t know if you have to be on the team to get one of these jerseys, but I want one! My grandma died of alzheimers and i would like to buy one for the cause.

Spencer Parry

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