Go Pro Workouts Renegade Push-ups With Brendan Mundorf

Go Pro Workouts Renegade Push-ups With Brendan Mundorf

As promised Lacrosse Playground and Go Pro Workouts are pleased to be able provide you training tips from 2012 MLL MVP Brendan Mundorf!

Drop and give me 50 Maggot!

The push-up had been an old standby exercise for coaches and drill instructors alike for years. Fact is it is a great total body exercise that works your back, shoulders, core, triceps and chest. Brendan has incorporated the push-up with a slight twist into his program that would make the old ball coach’s mustache curl. Check it out:
Renegade Push-ups.

Place two dumbbells on the ground. Grasp the handles and get into a push-up position. You will want your feet outside shoulder width for balance. Perform a push-up. Once you are at the top of the movement, pull the db in your right hand off the ground and perform a 1 arm row. Your right elbow will pass your rib cage and the db moves towards your armpit. You will be balancing on the db in your left hand and your two feet. Return the db to the floor. Perform another push-up and perform another row with the db in your left hand.

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