Go Pro with Major League Lacrosse All Star Kyle Hartzell

Go Pro with Major League Lacrosse All Star Kyle Hartzell

Nashua, NH - Learn from the best to help you achieve your best. Whether you are a collegiate or high school player or even if you just play for fun, Kyle Hartzell's Go Pro workout will prepare you for every aspect of the demanding game of lacrosse and help push you ahead of the competition regardless of your current skill set.

Designed in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University lacrosse strength and conditioning coach Jay Dyer, Kyle's program will help you improve the efficiency of your workouts, optimize your performance and take your game to the next level. Kyle's dedication, experience, and passionate work-ethic inspire amateur and professional alike to strive for peak execution of any position.

By purchasing Kyle's program, you will receive:

• A Online Workout Program complete with photos, videos and descriptions to use on the go and support your gym sessions.

• Progress tracking to chart your improvement, help you identify areas that need work, and share your achievements with others.

• Personal athlete insights to enhance your training experience such as nutrition tips, pre and post-game meal suggestions, and song playlists to make your workout more enjoyable.

• The Go Pro Community section that allows you to connect with other athletes through online discussions, videos, and blogs.

All these features and more combine to offer you the most complete lacrosse training regimine available to allow you to get better every day and excel in every phase of the game.
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