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Go Fish Apparel was founded by former lacrosse player Spencer McAllister and Nick Pyper. It is a very creative apparel company with optional logos. You pick any cartoon fish from a wide selection with different facial expressions, beach and boat scenes and illustrations of other things indigenous to Maryland beach life. The fishing lifestyle company has a number of logos to choose from including the Party Fish, Drunk Fish, Cowboy Fish, Proud Fish, Happy Fish, Surf Fish, Lax Fish, and plenty more.

McAllister played college lacrosse at the University of Maryland. He obviously loves lacrosse, but his passion has always been fishing. So, he took his love of fishing and apparel and combined them to make what is now Go Fish. He took some time to answer a few Q's.

Why make Go Fish your name?
We got started with Nick drawing these fish and since we loved fishing (being out on the boat drinking bud light) so much we just figured the best name and message would be to tell people to go and fish--- or go fish. Basically go spend time on the water and enjoy the weather. The shirts are cool bright colors and the designs all remind us of just relaxing and taking it easy which in my mind is what it's all about.

Is the apparel sold solely on the site? Do you have any big summer plans for the company?
The shirts are in a popular store in St. Michaels called Chesapeake Bay Outfitters and I'm looking to put them into as many stores that will take them. I'm also planning on attending boat shows and fishing tournaments (WHITE MARLIN open in Ocean City) trying to sell them.

You're a laxer and a fishing enthusiast, but why choose a fishing inspired company instead of a lax threads company?
Funny thinking about it because after reading a little about your site and the lacrosse lifestyle- the two are kinda similar- chill, relax, and have a good time.

What does it mean to you to grow up near the water?
Growing up around the water just made me realize how lucky we were growing up to have access to go sit on the boat with all your friends ya know? I loved it and that's the FEELING we're going for with our shirts.

For more info on Go Fish and/or you are looking for a team to get on at the Ocean City Lacrosse Tournament, contact Spencer@gofishapparel.com.

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I grew up in Oklahoma and we played a card game called Go Fish. It was a good game and I like these shirts.


Dude everyone plays go fish, not just you Oklahoma people

Luke Skywalker

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