GloveStix Review

GloveStix Review

For years, I just dealt with my gloves smelling like crap and I'm sure every other lacrosse and hockey player thought the same thing.  This comes from the odor-causing bacteria that comes from your gloves getting saturated in sweat.  I never wanted to wash them cause I didn't want to change the way they felt.  Then once they became too "crusty" I'd end up just cutting the palms out and using them that way (I play box so that's legal).  I never wanted to put my gloves in the washing machine cause I didn't want to ruin them or change the way they felt, and every other way I tried cleaning them or getting the smell out never worked.  I started to think there was no way to fix this.  Then Krista from GloveStix reached out to me to test out their new product.


Krista invented GloveStix after getting sick of having to smell the gloves of her sons, who play lacrosse and hockey.  These simple sticks just go in the gloves when you're not using them and they magically get rid of the odor. The Stix have plastic infused with silver ions, that have antimicrobial properties and kill the odor-causing bacteria.


I was a bit skeptical that these would work, just cause everything I tried in the past did not, but was pleasantly surprised.  I tried the GloveStix out in my game gloves (Reebok 10k gloves) and in less than a day of them sitting in there, the smell was noticeably reduced.  Now after a few weeks of using them, I don't even smell my gloves.  They also still feel exactly the same.  Without all the bacteria, GloveStix will make your gloves last a lot longer as well, along with the big benefit of no odor.  I'd recommend these to any lacrosse or hockey player and wish everyone had these. Fantastic product that fixes a long time issue.
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