Glory Hounds Lacrosse Official Engraved Balls of the MLL

Glory Hounds Lacrosse Official Engraved Balls of the MLL

Glory Hound Lacrosse has been named the official engraved ball of Major League Lacrosse. Both team balls and special event balls, like the limited edition All-Star ball shown here with a silver tint, will be available for serious fans who want the perfect autograph ball or just want to carry their favorite team in their bag for some well-motivated wall ball.

"We'll launch the collection this weekend at the MLL All-Star game, where fans can find All-Star game balls at MLL souvenir stands along with a limited number of team balls," says Derek Craig of Glory Hound. "It's a great opportunity to support MLL and the players who inspire young players across the country."

“Glory Hound Lacrosse has the best quality we’ve seen for engraved souvenir balls and we’re excited to partner with them to bring MLL fans another keepsake item featuring their favorite teams and MLL special events like our 2011 All-Star game,“ said MLL’s Sponsorship Fulfillment and Intellectual Property Manager, Kerry Pucillo.

Team balls are also available on the Glory Hound website,, and are available with tinted engraving and cases for player and fan gifts.

Glory Hound Lacrosse is committed to feeding the ego of players, coaches and supporters of lacrosse with unique, high quality awards and gifts.
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