Glory Hound Lacrosse Custom Engraved Balls

(April 6, 2010)-- We realized it takes a lot of balls to be a Glory Hound so we've added custom engraved balls to the mix. Beyond a name, we can engrave team or event logos, creating awesome MVP awards and participation gifts for players. In addition, we're working with some tournaments and events to make custom game balls and commemorative balls that can be used as fundraisers.

The custom engraved balls are now available on the website, They're available individually or in team quantities. There are some standard packs on the site but we'll be happy to put a specific package together or combine them with some engraved shafts.

Find more info at Glory Hound Lax.
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I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these as soon as I save up some money! We all know LAX gear can get expensive— Sports Authority is giving
away up to $750 in gift crads & awesome lacrosse gear autographed by Michael


Fantastic idea! I am suprised no one has thought of this before.

Lance Gibson

I never laxed for the glory. I laxed for the chicks. that being said, this is a cool idea. RESPECT.


Super idea, will make a great gift for your favorite lacrosse player.


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