Global Players Repping New Uniforms in Amsterdam

Global Players Repping New Uniforms in Amsterdam

After appearances at both the Berlin Open and Prague Cup sportin the new unis, GP has arrived in Amsterdam to compete in the Festival tournament alongside the European Lacrosse Championships. The girls remain undefeated after 5 games and a head to head match against Tel Aviv, a collection of Israelis and American college grads. The guys had a straight run as well but lost a close one to the Tel Aviv mens squad who they anticipate seeing again on Friday. Half way there and a half a dozen games under their belt, GP is psyched and ready to chase the trophies for a second year in a row.

Lacrosse uniforms were designed by GP staff and Breakaway Sport of Atlanta, Georgia and produced by Unique Sales out of California.

Interested in reppin' the GP jersey next summer? Application for Prague and Amsterdam 2013 are live. Join the Movement at
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