Giveaway: Win New Shirts from Voy Voy

Giveaway: Win New Shirts from Voy Voy


VoyVoy and us have teamed up to present a giveaway for our readers. All you have to do is follow the easy directions below and you could be one of three winners chosen. The giveaway is VoyVoy's athletic fit signature Pocket Square™ Design t-shirt. It is soft jersey cotton hand knit, dyed, and imported from Peru.

To Enter:

1. Become fans of both Lacrosse Playground and VoyVoy on Facebook.
2. Find the same picture from above on both Facebook pages and 'Like' them AND leave a comment.
3. You are now entered to win authentic shirts made by VoyVoy.

Three winners will be announced on Friday.

About Voy Voy
My Dad and I have been surfers our whole lives. We were both raised surfing in New York. I even started my first business making surf boards, and my Dad and I would collaborate on the designs - using bright colors, patterns, and new materials. We love to travel, explore, and be by the ocean However, there was a problem in that we never actually wanted to wear the clothes we found in our local surf or men's shops. We decided to make clothing that blended our city and beach roots. What we created was a shirt that blended formal pocket squares and casual T-shirts. The shirts are perfect for anything from going to bed, the beach, or a bar.

"VoyVoy" is an expression used on the shores of Central and South America. It is translated from Spanish as "I go, I go." It is used to signal to others that one is riding a wave. In classic Mayan art, monkeys are both deviant and divine creatures. They play tricks and provide laughter. In contrast, they are hard workers and creative artists. To the Mayans, they represent both the seriousness and laughter in life. Our clothes embody both.
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