Georgia Tech Lacrosse and Brine/Warrior Ink Deal

Georgia Tech Lacrosse and Brine/Warrior Ink Deal

Atlanta, GA- The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), an MCLA Division I lacrosse team, is the latest team to sign an equipment deal with the innovative equipment manufacturer Brine/Warrior Lacrosse.

Beginning in the fall of 2011 and over the next several seasons, the Yellow Jackets will take to the field in custom gold, white and navy Brine King III gloves and Warrior Nation elbow pads and guards.

Tech's players will also have the new Brine and Warrior heads at their disposal with custom Warrior Georgia Tech Lacrosse printed shafts. Along with the equipment deal, the Tech players will also be donning custom New Balance and Warrior turf and grass cleat footwear.

"The boys couldn't be more excited about continuing with Brine equipment. We have worn Brine for the past 8 years but the difference now is that all we will wear is Brine/Warrior," said Georgia Tech’s Head Coach Ken Lovic. "We appreciate Liam Banks and Chip Mayer, for not only what they have done for the program, but also the lacrosse community. Brine/Warrior is the top of the product line in lacrosse equipment and the Georgia Tech program is proud to wear their logo as a partnered collegiate program”.

Alongside the teams equipment outfitting, GT Lacrosse Camps Inc. will now be covered under the Brine/Warrior partnership. The over 1000 annual campers will be able to see new product lines before they are released and also receive various products from Brine/Warrior during their registered event. GT Lacrosse Camps offers a wide range of programming from summer camps, fall high school tournaments and their new 2012 youth summer league.

"Coach Lovic has built a fantastic program for Tech and the surrounding community. We are excited to solidify our partnership with such a competitive and highly visible team and camp business," commented Liam Banks, the Southeast Representative for Brine/Warrior. “He is a known figure in the state of Georgia lacrosse history as well as in the national lacrosse community”.

"We are looking forward to working with everyone at Georgia Tech and will do everything to support Coach Lovic and the Yellow Jackets' efforts to bring home a Southeastern Lacrosse Conference championship."

About Brine
Was originally established in 1922 but in 2006, Brine was acquired by New Balance, a leading manufacturer of technologically innovative width-sized performance footwear and athletic apparel for women, men, and children.

"Brine's history of manufacturing high-performance team sports products will enable us to broaden our offerings at the global level," says Jim Davis, Chairman and CEO for New Balance. Brine's motto "Find Your Game," speaks directly to their long-standing support of game improvement products and programs, and fits in well with New Balance's philosophy of promoting personal athletic achievements.
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