Gait-deBeer Lacrosse to Serve as Presenting Sponsor for 3d Lacrosse

DENVER, COLO. (September 8, 2014) – What’s the best way to demonstrate real lacrosse gear performance? Put it in the hands of some of the top young athletes in the country. 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s fastest-growing lacrosse training, events, and club operations company, announces today a presenting sponsorship with Gait-deBeer Lacrosse which has been developed specifically to grow both organizations while providing access to Gait-deBeer’s high-quality product line-up, including lacrosse sticks, heads, goggles, protective padding, goalie gear, accessories, and more.


“Among the many lacrosse gear manufacturers and sellers in the market, we feel that Gait-deBeer is the most transparent in terms of demonstrable results without the hype,” said Greg Waldbaum, President and COO of 3d Lacrosse. “We look forward to seeing the methods they will use to match our athletes with the very best gear and we plan to welcome them at 3d Lacrosse events, camps, clinics and club play.”


3d Lacrosse players will be among the first athletes to participate in the company’s Gait Elite program, a core group of player-ambassadors who will work closely with Gait-deBeer product engineers to test prototypes and to use the company’s “Sci-Fly” Technology, radar guns combined with other specialized measurement tools to gauge speed, accuracy and fit.


“Gait-deBeer has elected to truly focus on demonstrable performance at the youth level,” said Ryan Harrington, Business Director for Gait-deBeer. “Gear that fits college athletes may not be appropriate for the younger set. We feel that 3d Lacrosse’s player development skills and training methodology offers the best environment to highlight our product line-up and we will be relying on 3d Lacrosse athlete’s feedback to power our products from 2016 and beyond. And because we are committed to the youth game, we offer generous trade-in programs as players grow and mature.”


Waldbaum added that, “We are also a fan of Gait-deBeer because the deBeer organization is the only manufacturer in industry dedicated to the women’s game. With the rapid growth of our own Girls Division, deBeer is a natural partner.”


deBeer is also the official sponsor of both the US and Canadian Women’s National Lacrosse Teams as well as 20 NCAA Division I, II and III programs.


3d Lacrosse now trains many hundreds of female athletes in New England, Northern California and the Baltimore – Washington, D.C. corridor. On November 15th and 16th, the company’s well-recognized FLG in 3d Fall Shootout, will feature a girls’ teams for the very first time.
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