Fundraising Campaign Effort for the Overall Growth and Preservation of Lacrosse in Turkey this Coming 2015

The Turkey Lacrosse Association, at present, is doing a fundraising campaign effort for the overall growth and preservation of lacrosse in Turkey this coming 2015. The campaign has started out last October 30, 2014 and will last until January 13, 2015. All help that will be received will be used for the continuous thrive of the sport of lacrosse in the Republic of Turkey.

TLA is responsible for the financial expenses of leagues, local and national teams playing lacrosse in Turkey. Since the organization is a self funded organization and it receives no money from any government agencies, they are seeking for financial support from benevolent people and so, to keep and grow the sport for the youth and the overall community of Turkey.

The fundraising campaign is entitled Turkey Lax Revolution. TLA has already started this out since October 30th and will continue to receive any willing amount until the 13th of January of next year, 2015. Their campaign is solely for the benefit of the youth and the whole lacrosse community who are all depending on help to keep the sport alive and always a success to its avid players. The total amount that will be accumulated in this campaign will honestly be spent on the equipment, training facilities, uniforms, coaching and referee training and any other costs associated with the sport.
For anyone who will help their fundraising campaign, TLA have in store souvenirs and thank you kits for them, including personalized thank you emails, T-shirts, shorts, beanies and a lot more.

Through the fundraising campaign of TLA, it is expected that the lacrosse sport will continue to thrive, grow and inspire both the youth and adults in the Republic of Turkey. The sport is such as a great avenue for Turkish citizens to build a whole and united community aiming to progress and be known as a lacrosse nation.

Turkey Lacrosse Association was founded to develop, educate, disseminate and promote the sport of lacrosse in the Republic of Turkey. This is the main reason why they are seeking out financial support to sustain their work and purpose. The total amount they need to raise is 43, 500 USD to make their program continue to thrive and succeed not for their organization but for the whole nation of Turkey. With this good purpose, they are confident that many people will help them reach their aspiration. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and as early as today, they are thanking everyone in advance for their good hearts.

"With the help of the global community, we can continue the growth of lacrosse in Turkey and give a sustainable outlet to the youth." - TLA

"We truly appreciate your help with financial support and are grateful for any assistance." - Patrick Dougherty, Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of the Turkey Lacrosse Association
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