Full Episode of MTV's Teen Wolf Playing Lacrosse

I watched the entire first episode of MTV's Teen Wolf last night. Why? Because someone had to...but that's besides the point. It's actually a good show. It's awesome because it's all about chicks and lacrosse. Lacrosse makes up most of the plot. A few things are off, but it's not bad at all. After all, the show is based in Cali. Great things to take away from the first episode: the opening scene has the main character stringing his wand, the kids carry their sticks everywhere, they have equipment ranging from Under Armour cleats to Maverik shafts, and chicks watch their practices!

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Looks like it will be a fun plot line — great to see lax worked in so more people can learn about the sport.


was dodging like a powell but cradling like a 4 yr old.

Cameron Scott

they need to hire a lacrosse consultant! 


yeah, but the skills were horrible. 

Justin Campanelli

he would be sellout if he got paid, you idiot. its an opinion


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