Former Duke Lacrosse Player Running for Congress

Former Vice President Dan Quayle's son, Ben, just won the Republican nomination in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional district. He is also a former lacrosse player (Note: once a laxer...always a laxer). Ben played at up and coming national power Gonzaga in Washington, DC. He then took his skills and matriculated to Duke University.

It definitely takes guts to be a politician especially when you are in the spotlight and every little gaffe can be scrutinized. It certainly helps if you have experience in front of sellout crowds and defensemen hacking at you under pressure. New York Times Marc Lacey writes, "Those who want to stop Ben Quayle from going to Congress had better start studying his old lacrosse game films."

Quayle, who squeaked out a win amongst tough competition for the Republican nomination for Congress on Tuesday, played high school lacrosse while his father, Dan Quayle, was Vice President. Ben Quayle attributes lacrosse for giving him the thick skin to compete against the big dogs and his unwillingness to never back down.

Quayle didn't grow up with a muscular physique. He is pretty unassuming in stature, but he is definitely someone you can rely on when the pressure is on. “I was definitely not a star player but I worked hard,” Mr. Quayle said in an interview. His high school coach agrees. “He was a good player, a good kid, worked hard,” said Peter Bahor, Quayle’s lacrosse coach at Gonzaga College High School.

To continue learning more about Mr. Qualye, visit the NY Times.
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