Former Duke Lacrosse Player Allegedly Owes IRS $6.5 million in Taxes

The IRS is claiming Reade Seligmann, ex-lacrosse player for Duke, made a mistake...a BIG one. Four years after receiving an undisclosed settlement and being exonerated from the Duke scandal Reade Seligmann is asked to cough up $6.5 million in taxes.

According to a tax lien filed Feb. 17 in New York City, Seligmann owes $6,492,377 in income taxes from 2007. That's the same year Seligmann reached the settlement with Duke.

Seligmann's lawyer Richard Emery wrote in an e-mail to The Detroit News that they are "trying to get to the bottom of this mistake. We are retaining tax counsel to figure this out. The lien will be withdrawn shortly. It is in error."


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