Fogolax Academy Is Coming To Your Town,  Are you ready to “Control The Game”

Fogolax Academy Is Coming To Your Town, Are you ready to “Control The Game”

Fogolax Academy Is Coming To Your Town,  Are you ready to “Control The Game”

Long Island, NY November 1, 2013 - Since 2005 Matt “Schommy” Schomburg and his Fogolax Academy have been teaching the art of facing-off to the worlds best players. The Fogolax Academy has taught dozens of All-Americans in D1, D2 and D3 the techniques required to "control the game." This past spring at the NCAA Finals one of Schommy’s students was named Most Outstanding Player as he led his team to a National Championship by dominating at the "X.”

Currently, Fogolax Academy students have committed to some of the biggest lacrosse schools in the county including, Syracuse, Yale, Maryland, Adelphi, C.W. Post, Harvard, Hofstra, Penn State, Towson, Duke to name a few. “Coaches, now more than ever see the faceoff specialist as a critical aspect of their team’s make-up. I have coaches calling me on a daily basis asking me to recommend players to them.” Said Schomburg, Owner of the Fogolax Academy.

Schomburg and Fogolax Academy have received praise from some of the biggest names in the game. College coaches, parents, players have all shared their feedback on their experience with Fogolax Academy.

"We brought Schommy out to Denver for a day last summer and the improvement in our face off capabilities was incredible. Each and every face off guy had unprecedented success. We won the US Lacrosse u15 National Championship in part because of a 14-18 day at the "X" and our players have been recruited to top schools." Jamie Munro - 3dLacrosse Founder / CEO

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Fogolax Academy’s core principals are based on speed, balance, technique, and power. Teaching his one knee down technique and encouraging players to use the motorcycle grip has enabled his students to be recognized as the premier faceoff specialists in the game today. “We have seen huge improvements in winning percentages once our students adopted these techniques,” said Schomburg. “Once you learn the core principals it’s all about repetition and competition,” he added.

In addition to teaching the one knee down and motorcycle grip techniques the Fogolax Academy students will also learn the critical skills needed for proper communication, wing-play, stance, ball control, team- strategy, shooting and even how to properly string your stick.

This weekend, Fogolax Academy will be in MN for his second clinic this year.

“The improvement shown by the Team Minnesota faceoff players that attended Shommy’s clinic this summer was nothing short of phenomenal. Not only were they winning draws during games at an absurd rate, they were also directing the wing play and diagnosing the opponent’s moves at the x – in effect becoming coaches on the field. I’m excited to see what our players can do after attending a second time this weekend.” Robert Graff - Managing Director of Team MN.

Fogolax Academy will be in St. Louis to host a clinic on November 24th at John Burroughs School. To find out more info click here.

On December 7th, Fogolax Academy will be in Northern California hosting a clinic at the Diablo Valley Community College Stadium. To find out more info click here.

If you are interested in having Fogolax Academy come to your school, clinic or camp, email or visit for more info.

Visit to see upcoming events in your area.

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