Fogo Lax Kicks Off Tour in St. Louis

Fogo Lax Kicks Off Tour in St. Louis

Fogolax traveled to ST Louis Mo. This weekend was the first of many scheduled stops out west this summer and fall.

They were blessed with great weather and athletes eager to learn.

Local coach Pablo Sherman set up the camp at scenic Desemet high school where they put the hard working Missouri kids through some exhausting face off drills.

The Fogo instructors were very impressed with the willingness of the kids to change their ways and adapt to the Fogolax techniques and drills and the results were shown almost immediately. After a long day of travel with some odd airplane mechanical issues, Fogolax/Duke standout Brendan Fowler was able to join on day two. Brendan made an immediate impact on camp with his outgoing personality and knowledge of the skills and practices it takes to make it to the top of his craft.

Fogolax's next stop is Denver, followed by Minnesota. Stay tuned for more west of the Mississippi camps and clinics at
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