FLG Lacrosse Extends Its Program To New York City

FLG Lacrosse Extends Its Program To New York City

NEW YORK — June 13, 2013 —Lacrosse, one of the country’s fastest growing and most exciting sports, is expanding its presence in New York City. For the Love of the Game, FLG Lacrosse today announced the establishment of its newest venture, FLG NYC. Set to begin in fall of 2013, FLG NYC will focus on introducing a quality lacrosse program to New York City-area boys and girls that will include select teams, camps, clinics and leagues.

“FLG aims to develop more than just athletes; our program fosters student growth both in and out of the classroom,” said Corey Winkoff, Director and Head of Development, FLG Lacrosse. “The goal of FLG NYC is to use lacrosse as a catalyst to create successful young student athletes and reinforce the elements of working together through team sports.”

FLG New York City will mirror its existing program, FLG Long Island. The mission of both programs is to teach students commitment and discipline in every area of their lives. The development of young student athletes, or “studletes” as FLG refers to its members, is an essential part of the program’s success. Members of the new FLG NYC program will be held to the same standards as the boys and girls who are already enrolled and are expected to work at becoming better students, players and community members — on and off the field.

“I am really proud to have been part of the FLG family, especially when I was getting recruited,” said Harvard University “studlete” Steve Jahelka. “My coaches, and even FLG coaches that weren’t my own, were more than willing to speak on my behalf to coaches at schools that I was interested in. FLG is an organization filled with some special people, and I am thankful for the opportunities that the FLG organization has afforded me.”

Each division of FLG NYC will be run by experienced lacrosse minds from the New York City-area. Bernie Evangelista, FLG NYC Youth Director, will oversee player development at the Elementary and Middle School Select Teams. Bernie is the head athletic coach at St. David’s School in New York City.

The FLG NYC program will showcase New York City’s top lacrosse talent both on their teams and in their staff. Amir Sharif-Emami, who currently is the co-founder and CEO of NYC Lacrosse Camps, will serve as the Head of FLG’s NYC Program. With his extensive knowledge of the New York City community, Amir will aim to establish camps, clinics, leagues and travel teams in New York City to provide players from NYC an outlet to play quality lacrosse.

Mike Winkoff, FLG co-founder and president, is confident in expanding FLG and the sport of lacrosse into New York City. “We are excited to have the ability to extend our reach past our Long Island roots,” he said. “We’re sure that New York City’s boys and girls, and their parents, will find lacrosse to be engaging and exhilarating.”

David Murphy, Wesleyan University a “studlete” who participated in FLG stated, “The FLG program played a huge part in me getting recruited to Wesleyan University. The coaches truly care about your development as a lacrosse player but more importantly as an overall better person. Mr. Winkoff and my other coaches were always there putting the time in to help me improve and succeed at the next level. They guided me through the recruiting process and were more than willing to speak on my behalf with college coaches. Thank you FLG, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
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