First Hollywood Lacrosse Movie Will Premiere In Amsterdam

First Hollywood Lacrosse Movie Will Premiere In Amsterdam

If it is up to the organization of the EC lacrosse 2012, this summer will breathe lacrosse. Next to the European Championships, also the first Hollywood lacrosse movie ‘Crooked Arrows’ will find its way to the Netherlands. On May 9, the lacrosse movie premiered in the United States and on the 26th of June, Crooked Arrows will premiere in the Netherlands in Pathé Tuschinski (1500 seats available) in Amsterdam. The organization of the EC12 has yet found another way to introduce the European crowd to the game of lacrosse.

Guy Kessels: ‘We are doing everything in our power to generate more awareness for lacrosse in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe and realize this means going the extra mile. We already realize how great the game is but the rest of the country should know this as well. Next to the organization of the EC12, with Crooked Arrows in the cinema, we have found another accessible way of getting lacrosse under the attention. We are fueled by enthusiasm and ambition so that is why we work on ideas like these, which are actually far from organizing a sports event.’

About Crooked Arrows
It is the first time in history a Hollywood movie is made about lacrosse. The heritage of the game lies with the Native Americans and the movie shows both the tradition and history of both the sport as well as the Native American tribes. Also for these reasons, this movie is unique in the United States. The fictive story is about the progression of a Native American lacrosse team, their coach and the road to the championship game of the much better equipped and trained players of the elite Prep School League. Crooked Arrows is seen as an original, fast moving sports movie in the tradition of classics like ‘Remember the Titans’, ‘Mighty Ducks’ and ‘Bad News Bears’.

About the European Championships Lacrosse
The European Championships Lacrosse take place from the 20th of the June to the 30th of June in 2012 in Amsterdam. The kick off is on the 20th of June in the Olympic Stadium with the opening match the Netherlands vs. Germany. The tournament itself will take place on the fields of the Amsterdam field hockey clubs in the Amsterdamse Bos. The finals will be held in the Wagener Stadium. In total, over 25.000 fans, 1.000 athletes, 1.000 festival players and 29 national men’s and women’s teams are expected.

The trailer of Crooked Arrows and more information on the European Championships Lacrosse 2012 Amsterdam can be found on
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