Farkas Eye Black is Engaging Top Lacrosse Teams Across the Country

Farkas Eye Black is Engaging Top Lacrosse Teams Across the Country

Farkas Eye Black is engaging top Lacrosse teams across the country.

If you are on a top team, you may want to check your email. Farkas has recently invited several of the top teams in the nation to join the Farkas Eye Black / Lacrosse Ambassador Program.

"The program concept is beautiful in its simplicity", says Brian Farkas, president of the family owned company. "With this program, once a team is registered (one team per state) that team will receive $1 for every tin sold in that state. It gives the players an incentive to get the word out about the brand in a very personal way. As a former player, I recognize that Lacrosse is the fastest game in the country."

Operating under the premise that most college Lacrosse players have a strong network of former and current teammates across the athletic spectrum, this peer-to-peer campaign seeks to be a win for both company and consumer.

"We are confident that once we get the product in the hands of the athlete - those teams that have registered - the product will speak for itself. But we hope that the players will also help spread our message as well. We have a product that lacrosse players have been seeking and this effort engages the game in a new an innovative way".

Farkas Eye Black was inspired by the life and NFL career of his late grandfather. Andrew "Anvil Andy" Farkas was one of the best running backs in the early days of the NFL, in fact in 2002, he was named one of the seventy best Redskins of all time.

Visit Farkaseyeblack.com for more information.
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