Farkas Eye Black: Inside the Tin

Farkas Eye Black: Inside the Tin

We first heard of Farkas Eye Black a few months ago when they began engaging top club lacrosse programs.

As you know, Farkas Eye Black was inspired by NFL great Andy Farkas, who in 1942, was the first to wear eye black in NFL. The company pays homage to that tradition and to science by selling traditional eye black grease (the kind proven by Yale to work) in a vintage tin.

Farkas has recently revamped their website (www.FarkasEyeBlack.com) and added a new section that we think is pretty cool.

“We started ‘Inside the Tin’ because we were seeing NFL and college players taking a piece of athletic tape and a permanent marker to record their goals/mottos for the season ‘inside the tin’ of the eye black container”, says Brian Farkas, Farkas Eye Black president and grandson of Andy Farkas, “and we wanted to share the concept with other athletes.

“My grandfather’s legacy and our company’s mission is to remind athletes ‘Whatever you do in life; on or off the field, do it with Passion.’”

Whether an athlete is pursuing a state, national, or world championship, getting “Inside the Tin” can provide an extra reminder right before an athlete takes the field.

Quotes written on the inside of the tin can be for short or long term goals, but the purpose always remains the same: the inside of the tin will be the last thing an athlete reads before he or she takes the field and Farkas wants to make sure that athletes are inspired to play with passion.
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