Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: #SullySmith Can Speak French in Russian

Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: #SullySmith Can Speak French in Russian

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Charlie Cipriano
Senior – #25 – Goalie
Blog #6

So, I was kind of MIA last week with my blog and sorry about that, but wasn't really in the blogging mood after a loss. So yeah, we lost our first game of the year vs. Colgate two weeks ago, and a loss is never good but it's something we kind of needed. It got us refocused on the little things we lost sight of and got us that much more motivated for the rest of the year. And wouldn't you know it we came out firing this past Saturday vs. Hobart in our first conference game of the year.

Let's just say as a goalie I hate high scoring shootout games, but I'm just glad we came out on top. It was nice to go 7-1 in non-conference, but we always say ECAC games are the second season of the year and it's nice to be 1-0 in that regard.

Well let’s see some highlights from the game...Brent actually ripping the net with his goal, three guys with 4 goals and Bryan Barry getting his first collegiate one. And if I don't give him a shout out here I'll have to hear it for the rest of the year since I live with the kid-- Lindy's All Star, Nick Doi gets his first one of the year.

So being in the ECAC AKA the miscellaneous conference of D1 lacrosse is pretty interesting. With Denver, Air Force, Bellarmine, and Ohio State we get to do a lot of flying and traveling. This weekend we’re headed to the home of fried chicken itself, Kentucky, to take on Bellarmine. I really wonder what's the bigger game in Kentucky this weekend: Fairfield vs. Bellarmine lacrosse? or Kentucky vs Louisville- an in-state, Final Four, March Madness battle?

My money's on..... Fairfield vs. Bellarmine. It should be a fun one and one we’re looking forward to and keeping the year of the Stag going.

Random question but seriously... If you park your car 5 feet from a lacrosse field, behind a net white a goalie's getting warmed up, in a no parking zone, and it gets hit by a shot whose fault is it? #FairfieldLaxProbs.

Any way some random team notes and hash tags..Gary Davies, Mr. Buffalo Bandit himself is now Facebook official with his wife, he even dropped the L word to her (who said this kid tries to come off as a tough guy).

Nick Guida grew half an inch since the beginning of the season making him now 5'0. #NickDoiSHOTHIGHANDSCORED.

#ColinMclindenHasAdeepVoice (not even going to attempt to make a coach cope reference here b/c I can’t afford to run sprints at my old age).

#SullySmith can speak French in Russian.

And last but not least we have to give a feel better/good luck on the surgery to Caitlin Young, assistant coach on the women's lacrosse team here. She took a note out of Coach V's book and tore her ACL playing bball :-(. Sorry to hear about that CY but feel better.

#CipNowWinning? Haha over and out.
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