Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Life's a Beach

Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Life's a Beach

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Charlie Cipriano
Senior – #25 – Goalie
Blog #5

So it's spring break for us here at Fairfield and while everyone's away enjoying their trips to Punta Cana, Florida or wherever, we get to stay here (life of a college laxer). Lucky us we even got to see some snow up in Vermont this past sunday, but hey at least we came out with a win. The good thing about Fairfield is that we live on a beach and the temperature's been in the 70's and sunny so no complaints.

Actually a few complaints- 2 a day practices, 8am wake ups (yeah when you usually wake up at 10 I have the right to complain). Lax wise we've had two pretty good outings this week vs Vermont and Lafayette scoring goals on all cylinders. The best thing is we've had contributions from all over the place. Nicky Guids and Dodd getting their first collegiate goals, and even have defensemen putting them in. Sully Smith is long due for a goal so I'm feeling he'll get his first by the time this is all said and done. Mark my words on that.

One big contribution this year has got to be our face off transfer Mike Roe. Last year I think anyone who followed up could tell you we STRUGGLED at the X. Kid is ranked third in the country in faceoff percentage..yepp thats right third. Can't even begin to describe how big it is to have guy win 66% of the draws he takes. All those extra possessions just give us the ball that much more and wouldn't you know
it that means a lot less defense (thank god).

Next up Colgate on Saturday. While every game is a big game, some people are calling this one our biggest one yet. Two teams on the rise in the rankings, and two teams who have putting up a lot of goals in their past couple of games. I'm not going to lie it is a big one, and its one we're looking forward to and one we have to get.
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