Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog, Hofstra...INTENSE

Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog, Hofstra...INTENSE

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Charlie Cipriano
Senior – #25 – Goalie
Blog #3

Alright Alright, after this past week where do I even begin? Bryant 2OTs, Hofstra 3OTs but we are 3-0 for the 3rd blog I'll start with that.

Guess it was a little bit of a revenge week for us after losing to both of these teams last year by a goal each, so I must say that made these wins a little bit sweeter. Bryant came to our house Saturday and we found ourselves down two goals going into half . We settled down in the 2nd half especially when it counted it OT. Warden with 3gs and Snowman coming though in the OT period to win it.

Now on to Hofstra...INTENSE. A good amount of the guys on the team are from Long Island (including myself) so it was definitely one we had circled on the schedule. We started off hot, but Hofstra kept coming and before you knew it, it was 9-9 at the end of regulation. OT felt like forever (#goalieproblems) with both teams getting chances, especially after I threw away a pass right to one of their attackmen. If they came down and scored on that I might have hung up the jock strap and retired on the spot.

I could tell Brent was on a mission in those OTs to put the winner in, and once he took off on the last dodge I knew he was scoring. (I think I even jumped on McTague like a little girl after it). Under the lights, homecoming, 3OTs and a win – we couldn’t have written it up any better.

Both of these games just come to show you who we are as a team. We'll fight, scrap, and grind all the way to the final whistle and it's been paying off. Can't let these wins get to us though as we are off to Maryland this weekend for a good test versus UMBC.

BTW got to give credit where credits due-tip my hat to both goalies Bryant’s Love and Hofstra’s Gvozden. Both played great and you gotta love the goalie battles.

Some final hashtags from the 2 games #McGoldrickGotAPoint #NickDoiShoulvveShotLow #BuffaloBanditDavies #GreenysBack #NIEBLER. Follow Fairfield lacrosse on twitter.
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